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I graduated from university with a degree in biomedical science. Fascinated by our relationship with food and how we can improve our behaviours and lifestyle with changes in our diet, I decided to study nutrition and dietetics and completed my postgraduate diploma with a merit in the field.

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Unexplained Infertility: Is it truly a thing?

Find out why unexplained infertility isn't always unexplained.  more  

An introduction to PCOS

Get an understanding of what PCOS is, how it is diagnosed and common symptoms.  more  

Top PCOS diet myths: BUSTED

PCOS diet myths that you need to stop believing NOW.  more  

Methylated folate VS Folic acid: The most contentious fertility issue.

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Low GI diet for PCOS: What does this actually mean?

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The two-week wait: what to eat

Find out what foods have been shown ti improve implantation rates. And no, it's not pineapple!  more  

Fertility and prenatal supplements: Are they needed?

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Fibre: The Basics

In today’s blog, we are talking about the ‘F’ word: fibre!  more  

Five nutrition myths busted

Social media can be great. BUT, it can also be full of rubbish. Read my latest post to discern fiction from fact!  more  

Type 2 diabetes and diet

Top tips to help you manage your diabetes  more