Are you struggling with diabetes, high cholesterol, liver disease or Just want some advice on a healthier diet? Then you are in the right place!

The 7 Easy Steps to Achieve Change for general wellbeing and chronic conditions








The Process




Step 1

Initial Phone Call

The first step of the process requires you to get in touch, so I can have a friendly chat. This is for me to get an overview of why you want to see a Dietitian, a brief rundown of your medical history and the goals you want to achieve. If you're happy to move forward, the next step is to get a deeper understanding of your lifestyle. If you're seeking a nutritionist in London and you'd like to schedule an initial call, please get in touch.




Step 2

Pre-Health Screening Questionnaire & Food Diary

It is essential that I have a firm grasp of your lifestyle and behaviours and I can do this, if you note down a typical week in your life. Creating a food diary for seven days will allow me to analyse what you eat. The pre-health questionnaire will give me a detailed understanding of your medical conditions.




Step 3

Return Questionnaire

Return your food diary and questionnaires  48 hours before the your initial appointment, so that I can generate a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, diet and lifestyle.




Step 4

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a detailed breakdown of where you may need small nudges in your lifestyle to make effective change. If there are any deficiencies in diet, I will be able to identify them. I will explain what effects your diet is having on your body and we will work together to help facilitate meaningful change.  If you'd like a consultation with a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist in London, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Step 5

Bespoke Advice

Once I have a total understanding of your diet and lifestyle, I will be able to craft your personalised nutrition plan.  Foods that contribute to your symptoms will be avoided, while the foods that will strengthen and revitalise your body will be incorporated.




Step 6

Summary Sent

I will write a summary of my consultation and advice and provide you with the relevant nutritional resources. This will be sent to you within 24 hours, with actionable steps that will set you on the path to change.




Step 7

Follow-up Consultation

I won't just leave you to it. A follow-up consultation is essential as it will allow me to monitor progress. If you are struggling, we can work together to adjust goals and look at alternative approaches to achieve lifestyle change.


General health and chronic conditions expertise:


  •  Vegetarian and Vegan diet
  •  Type 2 diabetes                  
  •   Pre-diabetes                       
  •   Liver disease                      
  •   Cholesterol                         

If you would like further details about the process or you are looking for a nutritionist in London, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact Me




Health Insurance and payment:

I am registered with Vitality Health, Aviva, WPA, Cigna and AXA Health Insurance companies.  Please contact your insurance provider to obtain your authorisation code prior to booking a dietetic appointment.

For self-funding clients, payment options include cash, bank transfer or card.  Please note a £20 deposit will be required from all clients at time of booking.

Prices: £125 for an initial appointment (up to 1 hour), £85 for a review appointment (up to 50 minutes).

I also offer package appointments.  Please contact for further information.

Clinic Locations

I have clinic spaces based in North West London (Angel) and East London/Essex (South Woodford).  Alternatively, I can also offer home visits and online sessions.  Please contact me for further information.