Rania Salman

About Me:
Your Friendly Registered Dietitian And Nutritionist In London


I graduated from university with a degree in biomedical science. Fascinated by our relationship with food and how we can improve our behaviours and lifestyle with changes in our diet, I decided to study nutrition and dietetics and completed my postgraduate diploma with a merit in the field. I soon moved into working for the NHS where I spent multiple years working with a mixture of private clients and patients from the Royal Free Hospital, Harley Street at University College Hospital and Bart’s Health Trust.

I love working as a nutritionist in London, because I get total fulfilment in helping clients achieve their goals. I get to work with a diverse range of people and I love providing realistic and helpful advice that will help people change their lifestyles for the better.







Nutritionist  in London


Nutritionist  in London


My Approach

Science Based

There is a lot of information out there relating to food, but also a lot of misinformation. Fads come and go, but all of the advice I give is grounded in science and evidence. I can draw on my scientific background and clinical skills to provide bespoke guidance that is appropriate for you.

Putting You in Control

If you have been diagnosed with a new illness or you have been suffering from a long-standing condition, you may feel lost and baffled. I will give you the tools to take back control. Your diet is fundamental to your being and there are always steps you can take to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing for the better, whatever ailment you have.

Achievable Results

Real change is impossible if it is not realistic and reachable. It takes a lot of effort to change behaviours in the long term and I always aim for moderation. It is important that you get to treat yourself from time to time and I strive to provide change that is achievable and enduring. 





Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

Nutrition & Dietetics PgDip (Merit)

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)



Languages Spoken

If English is not your mother language-I may speak yours! I am also fluent in Arabic, and have a conversation level of French and Spanish.