Improving your fertility in 2023 is hard.  Because while we know more about the strong link between nutrition and fertility than ever before, the plethora of misinformation and disinformation rife online can make it difficult for you to discern fact from fiction.  Meaning you can’t just read a blog online or follow a random guru with the certainty that what they are saying is based in evidence and not in rubbish.

So, if you are trying to boost your fertility with information you find online, your journey is going to be 10 times harder and 10 times longer.  Especially if you don’t have a strategy in mind.  But with the correct strategy, you are able to boost your fertility by up to 69%!  And while ideally the best strategy would be to enlist the help of a Dietitian to guide you, I know this isn’t feasible for everyone.

So here is some advice on how to create a strategy that will help you boost your fertility.

Target: what are you trying to achieve? - this one's easy-a baby in 9 months, right?

Time: have you made time? - if you've decided that 2024 is truly the year you want to finally welcome a crying bundle of joy, you need to make time to actually work on it. It’s no good making a plan to only realise that you’re actually only going to be able to stick to it for two weeks. You will need time to actually make sure that where you are getting your information from is credible, make healthier snacks, make healthier meals, buy healthier ingredients, increase your day-day movement- all in the effort to help you boost your fertility.

Tasks: what are the specific actions you need to take? - now you have decided that you will invest the time to improve your nutrition, you need to decide how you'll be spending that time.  Will you be researching any supplements that have been recommended and making sure they contain the correct dose and ingredients that have been clinically shown to be effective? (HINT: most supplements will not contain the ingredient or dosage that has been shown to be effective in studies) Will you time block a day each week to meal prep? Will you find some time to contact your GP to get some important blood work done? Will you ensure your man is also making nutrition changes? Basically, following all the stuff I talk about in my 1:1 session with client.  You can check out my most popular programme here.

Troubleshoot: have you identified the barriers to success? - things rarely go to plan, so it's worth doing a pre-mortem at this stage. This involves identifying any potential obstacles that may hold you back and finding ways to overcome them. For example, one of my clients, Wadha, has a very hectic job.  Meaning she often grabs breakfast on the way to go (normally a croissant and a coffee).  So, one potential solution here was to buy healthier ingredients (like muesli, fruit, high protein yoghurt) for breakfast and leave them in the work fridge.  She now can prep her breakfast within 5 minutes when she arrives at work. This means she is able to have a healthier breakfast during work, and not stressing that her breakfast is getting in the way of doing her job.  Do your job AND boost your fertility at the same time? That's definitely a win in my book!

Transparency: are you being accountable? - if you want to significantly increase the likelihood you'll make progress and stay on track, find a way to stay accountable. One way to do this is to find an accountability buddy, where you regularly check-in with each other to discuss your progress and challenges. Or, you could take the route Wadha took: put money on the line.  By working with me, she knew she had to work on her commitment to make 2023 the year she boosts her fertility potential. 

If you liked what you read above, there is SO MUCH MORE from where that came fore.  So, when you’re ready to up your fertility game and feel confident about your food choices for fertility, free yourself from restrictive diets and stop wasting time (and money) on treatments, supplements and FADs that don't work, here are some ways I can help:

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